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27 DEC 2021 - 01 JAN 2022


Welcome to the Winter 2021 Master-at-Arms (MAA) training at Camp Blanding, Joint Training Center (JTC). All training evolutions will be supervised by a full complement of staff, and all personnel will report to the Operations Officer. We are looking forward to a great training and we are grateful for our partners at Camp Blanding in helping facilitate our training contingent. Cadets will receive training in law enforcement  in policing, crowd control, medical emergency response, and peacekeeping.

Cadets will be housed in barracks, and use the dining and other facilities of this historic military installation. In addition, because we have the benefit of being on an active military base, all of our SETC Winter Trainings will have opportunities to do many hands on experiences - rappelling, marksmanship, night and field operations and more.

To cadets - do not contact this training directly about registering your cadet - that must go through your unit but other questions can be submitted.  Units/parents/cadets - if there are general questions about the training itself, you may use the Contact Form on the Home page.

Please see additional information below.  If your cadet has been moved from "Submitted" to "Confirmed" you may pay online through the Payment Portal.


Operations Officer
MAA Training
SETC Training Command

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