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Welcome to Photojournalism training. All training evolutions will be supervised by a full complement of staff, and all personnel will report to the Operations Officer.  We are looking forward to a great training and we are grateful for our partners at Camp Blanding in helping facilitate our training contingent. 

Photojournalism is a training designed to introduce cadets to the basic principles of photography and to provide them with opportunities to apply those skills to the more specific practice of journalistic photography. Although the class will cover core concepts associated with traditional DSLR and print photography, (composition, focus, exposure, etc.) Cadets will use the knowledge acquired daily and will have the opportunity to apply it. Cadets will work directly with the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) to achieve full coverage of the training, including photography, video, and interviews. It will be a training that will have many practical exercises. As a final exercise, the cadets will be in charge of the transmission of the training command graduation using professional equipment such as: multi-camera systems, drones, microphones etc.

Cadets will be able to:

Handle professional equipment such as DSLR camera, gimbal stabilizer, microphones, lightning, drone, etc.

Learn how to professionally live stream an event.

Recognize basic photography principles in the work of professionals.

Recognize and utilize basic photography principles in their own work.

Set the camera properly to produce desired photographic effects.

Take photographs that have news value for the purpose of journalistic publication.

Gather information from the people photographed: name, grade, job title, etc.

Write captions for all of their photos using the correct journalistic form.

Write a story and captions for a photo. 

Convert photos for print/web using Adobe Photoshop

Place photos in layouts for print using Adobe InDesign

Learn how to create content for social networks.

Create and edit videos using professional equipment. 

Edit sound for TV, radio, and social media content.

To cadets - do not contact this training directly about registering your cadet - that must go through your unit, but other questions can be submitted.  Units/parents/cadets - if there are general questions about the training itself, you may use the Contact Form on the Home page.

Please see additional information below.  If your cadet has been moved from "Submitted" to "Confirmed" you may pay online through the Payment Portal.

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