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Camp Blanding Winter 2021-22 Advanced Sea Cadet Trainings


This special leadership training will take Chief-Select candidates and give them a hands-on preparation to take on their biggest job yet as Chief. Get prepared by active and retired Navy chiefs. Along with the other trainings, CSLA cadets will also participate in full training experiences like fields ops, rappelling, and more.


Cadets will learn basic medical in the context of an active duty base. Along with the other trainings, Basic Medical cadets will also participate in teambuilding training experiences like fields ops, rappelling, and more.


Petty Officer Leadership Academy (POLA) is a tool to develop the leadership qualities of NSCC Cadets. Attendance at POLA is a prerequisite for advancement and service as a Staff Cadet. Cadets Airman/Seaman (E-3) and PO3 eligible.


Photojournalism is a training designed to introduce cadets to the basic principles of photography and to provide them with opportunities to apply those skills to the more specific practice of journalistic photography. Although the class will cover core concepts associated with traditional DSLR and print photography, (composition, focus, exposure, etc.) Cadets will use the knowledge acquired daily and will have the opportunity to apply it.


Cadets will receive training in military law enforcement, policing, crowd control, medical emergency response, and peacekeeping.

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